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Our Sermons


We take seriously what we do in worship, as a church that is both rooted in a 2000-year-old tradition and also present in this time and actively engaged in learning, growing, evolving and making the world better. It can be hard sometimes to hold all of this, since CUCC is an extremely, beautifully diverse, mix of humans and still it is our intention. This means that we won’t likely all see or understand the world in the same way, and we receive that as a gift. Therefore, what we say together in liturgy and hear in our readings, whether ancient or new and what we hear from the pulpit isn’t necessarily what we all believe and it doesn’t have to be. What we explore together is all in service of our growth and depth, aiming to invite us further into our faith and our shared spiritual journeys. And in the United Church of Christ the Pastors speak to and with the church, not for the church and this is meant to hold space for the place that each of us finds ourselves.

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