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.At Community UCC, we hold a special place for kids and youth! We offer a safe space for children of all ages and abilities to play, have fun and grow on their spiritual journey. We have a playground, a labyrinth, a little library, a large site with a garden next to South Boulder Creek and inside we offer classrooms designed to safely connect and explore the inner and outer world in a progressive Christian context. Kids bring your parents!

Sunday School

 The Progressive Christian Education Commission develops opportunities for spiritual growth, fun and the exploration of what it means to have faith in a progressive Christian context for kids of all ages and abilities. The Commission oversees childcare on Sunday and all educational programs of the Church for newborns through high school youth.Contact our PCE Commission at to find out more


We have a collaborative youth group with First Congregational in Boulder and First Congregational in Longmont!  Please reach out to Rev. Lamarche or the office for more details!

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