Social Action Commission

The CUCC Social Action Commission investigates, coordinates and implements opportunities for the Congregation to put their faith into action.  We also disburse Community Giving Funds that are in the budget and coordinate the Noisy Offering with PCE. See below for more info! Membership in the Commission is open to any congregant who is interested.  We meet once a month but we conduct a lot of our business by email. If you are interested or have questions, contact us at


There are two committees that operate under Social Action in our CUCC organizational structure.  They are:

  • Community Compassion Corps (CCC)

Is dedicated to creating opportunities to live our faith through compassionate action that is life enhancing, collaborate, and sustainable on the local, national, and international level.  Here are some examples:

  • Locally: built homes for Habitat; collected and planted seeds for Open Space

  • Nationally: provided volunteer health care in Paonia through RAM; repaired homes after natural disasters in Houston and in New Orleans

  • Internationally: built stoves in Guatemala; repaired roofs in Puerto Rico

All members of the congregation and friends are encouraged to participate and present project ideas to us.   If you would like to join our monthly planning meeting, email to be connected.  If you have an idea for a project you'd like the CCC to consider, please fill out our Project Request form


  • Earth Action Team 

The Earth ActionTeam, or EAT, strives to inform, educate and activate the congregation to undertake activities and events that promote effective stewardship of the Earth’s resources. Current EAT efforts are focused on food and health and climate change.


Focus on Food: Health and Climate Change is a church-wide effort focusing on food and where our food comes from and how food can significantly impact personal health, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, climate change, etc… The lead-in activities will be based on food and nutrition / health. Everyone needs to eat to live, but what you eat can shorten or lengthen your lifespan, and reduce or increase the potential for illnesses during your lifetime. At the same time, with the proper food and diet, which promotes nutrition and health, the environmental impacts ( i.e. climate change ) can be diminished. And if enough people understand the relationship between food, nutrition / health and climate change, the greater the overall positive impact will be on personal health and on the world’s environment.


Planned or on-going activities include: 


  • A lecture on food and health

  • Tips on achieving a sustainable lifestyle

  • Providing healthy snacks for the Sunday after-service social gathering

  • Food facts in the Sunday Bulletin

Where to Buy Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products
Our faith and our beliefs are a part of how we make decisions when we shop. The Earth Action Team has put together a list of resources to help you make better choices as we strive to support our earth. This list is a living document and we are accepting new ideas! Please send those to Laura Terpenning or Michael Holtz.


All members of the congregation are encouraged to become members of EAT and to participate in EAT activities and events. Please contact Social Action at to get connected to the Earth Action Team.

Just Us to Justice Offerings

Just Us to Justice Offerings evolved from the Noisy Offerings where loose change was collected one time a month by the Sunday school children. Social Action has been charged with the responsibility of the Noisy Offering/Just Us to Justice Offering since its inception and in 2020, we re-evaluated the noisy offering and adopted a more responsive Just Us to Justice offering with the following guidelines:


  1. Either a non-profit organization or a special project of CUCC  

  2. Is non-political  

  3. Has a mission aligned with CUCC’s mission

  4. Must typically not be an organization that receives Community Mission Giving funding during the same year.  


To develop stronger awareness and increased community involvement of the selected recipient of the offering we adopted these requirements:


Sponsors of the request are responsible for coordinating:

  • Connecting the organization’s spokesperson with the worship team for coordination of content within the Sunday services

  • 2-3 paragraphs about the organization and the purpose of the funds for the enews, the invitation for offering and the bulletin

  • Acquiring a video or live interview of the organization’s leadership or beneficiary of services to be featured in one of the services during the month

  • The recipient’s payment into including address to send check, name on the check to the Treasurer

The Just Us to Justice Offering campaign now lasts an entire month. 


There is a form on the CUCC website for anyone to submit an application for the Just Us to Justice Offering through Social Action. Check it out at:  Just Us to Justice Offering Request The Commission reviews all requests at regular meetings. 


If you have any questions or feedback for the Social Action Commission, please reach out!

Guns to Gardens

Testimony to GA Committee on Addressing Violence in the USA

The five Overture Advocates on Guns to Gardens were viewed by the committee on their live zoom. See the testimony Rev. Nicole, Rev. Jackie, and Kathy Stutzman made to the Presbytery GA225. You can read it here, or watch it here. The GA Committee on Addressing Violence in the USA has moved all of the items testified on forward for a vote by the full GA plenary.

Request mission funding from the CUCC Social Action Commission

Would you like to request or recommend a donation from CUCC.  All donations must match our mission. Due to our limited funds, we do try to limit our gifts to organizations working in Boulder County


Make a request for Social Action to fund a group or organization!


Funding Available for Camps and Trips

When Council approved the plan for using the PRISM funds in 2018, one of the designations was increased funds for camps and trips. There is $1500 per year for 5 years designated to youth camps and trips. This includes LaForet youth camps in particular. In addition, there is $1500/yr for 5 years designated for adult service/learning trips. This includes CCC trips, retreats and similar opportunities. This is in addition to the funds that the individual committees have raised. The overall goal is to encourage participation and reduce financial barriers for all of our congregants who seek to serve, build community, and grow through trips, camps and retreats, etc. As part of the Three Year Plan, Social Action Commission has been tasked with making sure these funds are used. In order to streamline the process and make it confidential, we have designed a simple form to request funds. This form will go to Rev. Lamarche who will confidentially consider the request and coordinate the disbursement of funds. Trips and summer camps will have a deadline for requests so that all requests can have equal consideration. Deadlines will be announced by PCE (for La Foret) and trip organizers.