Have you felt like an outsider? Me too. The T-shirt says it all. Let me tell you when I have definitely felt like one.


Years ago, in another part of the U.S. far, far away...   I started my first year of college at a university in southern Ohio in 1969. For those old e...

Today is Trinity Sunday, and I had to make a decision whether to mention that or not.  It’s the only designated Sunday of the year that is based entirely a church doctrine rather than an event like Easter or Pentecost.  Here at CUCC, we’re not that big on doctrine, let...

I’ve only been to prison once.  I remember the sinking feeling as one set of heavy metal automatic doors after another closed behind me with a loud crash and I realized there was no going back.  It was the infamous Attic Correctional facility where 43 prisoners and gua...

There are some pretty ridiculous laws on the books here in the United States.  In Idaho, it is illegal to give your sweetheart a box of chocolates weighing more than fifty pounds.  Whale fishing is illegal in… Nebraska!  And Minnesota law requires that men’s and women’...

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