Introducing Rev. Nicole Lamarche

September 2018

Dear CUCC Community:


We, the members of the Pastor Search Committee, are very happy to recommend to you our candidate for the settled pastor position at CUCC: The Reverend Nicole Lamarche. You will find her self-introduction enclosed. We will make our formal announcement on Sunday morning, September 16th, and share a video she has made to introduce herself to the congregation. Her pamphlet will continue to be available at church after the 16th; it and the video will be posted online at the church website for your review.


As we assessed minister profiles, Rev. Lamarche’s profile most closely matched our CUCC church profile. When we phoned her references, all had the highest praise for Rev. Lamarche. We interviewed her by conference call, and then invited her for a weekend visit. We spent many hours with her in interview and informal conversation, and she led us in a ‘private pulpit’ worship service on Sunday morning.


We have been very aware throughout the search process of the trust you have placed in us and are very grateful for it. Our process has been prayerful, and our decision to recommend Rev. Lamarche is both easily unanimous and enthusiastic.


The weekend of October 12th–14th will be the Candidating Weekend, when Rev. Lamarche, her husband, and their daughter will be here to meet as many of us as possible, in several different settings. On Sunday morning she will lead the service. After the service there will be a special congregational meeting where everyone is welcome to attend.  The Search Committee will be available to answer questions.  After the informational part of the meeting, CUCC members will then vote on whether to call Rev NL as our new pastor.  If approved, Rev. Lamarche will assume the role of Settled Pastor in January, 2019.


Throughout this process we have felt it essential to maintain confidentiality, primarily to preserve the integrity of our committee’s discernment. We hope you will forgive the necessary suspense.


We have been grateful during this search process for the guidance of our UCC Associate Conference Minister, Rev. Erin Gilmore, and for the excellent leadership of Dr. Lee Berg, interim minister. Lee has supported us and assisted us in communicating with the congregation during the entire process.


Please plan to attend church on September 16th when we will share more about Rev. Nicole Lamarche. If you wish to review our church profile before the Announcement and Candidating weekends, it is available online at:


We are blessed with a wonderful church community. We are confident that with the help of the Spirit and Rev. Lamarche we will have an exciting and meaningful future together.


If you wish to contact any of us, our information is on the back.


The Pastor Search Committee

Members of the Pastor Search Committee


John Woods, chair (303) 249-7037


Sue Buchanan (303) 817-6250   


Mark Dunn Lewis (303) 324-2239


Gwen Goodwin (303) 442-2117


Spense Havlick (303) 494-0664  


Deborah Hayes (303) 494-4458 


Cole Keirsey (303) 443-3075       


Judi Kleinman (303) 554-5320   


Stan Stutzman (507) 438-9619  


Clint Wall (303) 909-9559            



All-Congregation Events Planned for October 12–14, 2018


Friday, October 12th, 3pm to 5pm, at the church: Meet and Greet Rev. Lamarche


Saturday, October 13th, 3pm to 5pm, at the church: Meet and Greet Rev. Lamarche and her family


Sunday morning, October 14th, 10am: Worship service led by Rev. Lamarche


   Other meetings with staff, lay leaders, etc., TBA




“When we completed the church profile based on the input from so many, it really did describe our unique church - but I was skeptical we could find someone to meet our needs. But when we found Rev Nicole Lamarche, it became clear that not only did she meet our needs, she is clearly one who can take us to new places in our thinking, actions and spirituality. With her experience, personality and spiritual approach, she is clearly the right choice for CUCC at this time.” 

-  John Woods, chair


“I am so excited to introduce Rev. Lamarche to our CUCC community, particularly because she is so excited to meet all of us!  She is genuine and transparent with her thoughts and motivations. While firmly based in Christianity, I appreciate that she incorporates wisdom and teachings from a broad range of sources and provided a thought-provoking message. I truly believe that she has the vision and skill set to join with us in sharing Progressive Christianity within and outside of CUCC.” 

-  Sue Buchanan


"If there is a case for Divine Intervention, Rev. Lamarche applying for the CUCC position is a great example.  Rev. Lamarche’s spirituality and philosophy could not be clearer from the profile she submitted in application for our Pastoral position.  And there could scarcely be a better fit with the key characteristics and priorities that our Congregation identified in the surveys and small-group meetings.  Many individual factors contribute – but among them are Rev. Lamarche’s energy and demonstrated leadership abilities, which will be a perfect complement to the many internal and external social justice initiatives of our congregation." 

-  Mark Dunn Lewis


“Reverend Lamarche’s intelligence and grace were abundantly evident in our group phone interview. In person, during her face-to-face interview weekend, it was clear that she is approachable, very human and deeply spiritual; a delight to be around!”  -  Gwen Goodwin


“Many months ago, when your Pastor Search Committee sampled opinions from the congregation, a long list of attributes and adjectives was developed. At that time, I did not expect that we would ever find an individual who might fit and match those aspirations. Today I can attest that Reverend Nicole Lamarche has met and exceeded what I thought was possible. The convergence of her goals and our visions for new leadership has convinced me that Divine Intervention is at work. She brings fresh spirituality, enthusiasm, and inspiration for this new chapter in our CUCC lives.”  -  Spense Havlick


“Rev. Lamarche uses music, drawn from a variety of sources, as an integral part of worship. During our ‘private pulpit’ on the Sunday morning of her interview weekend, we loved the way she used her warm, confident singing voice to lead us in several songs.” -  Deborah Hayes 


“I believe that, with Rev. Nicole Lamarche as our pastor, the CUCC community can develop and prosper spiritually for years to come. I’m impressed that she brings all aspects of her life into her spiritual practice.  That foundation will give her the strength and wisdom to serve the diverse needs of the CUCC family. Together, we can face with hope whatever challenges come to our community, our country, and our world.”  -  Cole Keirsey 


“My support for Rev. Nichole Lamarche comes for many reasons: First, the focus of her passion and energy so closely matches CUCC in her wish to be with a congregation which wants to maintain a strong community; to reach out into the broader community through action in social, environmental, and economic justice; to share the good news of Progressive Christianity; and to build on a deep appreciation of UCC tradition in developing new ways to evolve. Second, she is a caring, compassionate, smart, thoughtful, engaging woman who is deeply spiritual, is a very creative thinker and collaborative leader, and has a great sense of humor. Third, being in her presence created for me optimism, energy, and confidence about who we are and about our future together.”  - Judi Kleinman


“Reverend Lamarche has many unique and exciting pastoral qualities.  Her spiritual presence is reflected in her enthusiasm for Social Justice, her experience in community engagement, and her dedication to the inclusion of people of all ages, stages, and beliefs in worship and church life.” 

-  Stan Stutzman


“Reverend Lamarche’s energy and spirituality connects with young families- both with children and caregivers. Her style of leadership encourages awareness and engagement in our everyday, our community, and our wider world.”  -  Clint Wall