Faith is alive at CUCC…


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We are diverse, free thinkers following the compassionate path of Christ.


We are a progressive Christian community who follow the teachings of Love and Wisdom of Jesus Christ. Our religion is compassion. We celebrate life together in birth, baptism, confirmation, weddings, communion, death, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our members become extended families that provide support during the tough times. We are a community where our children see a value system in action that is connected to both the past and future.


We have a covenant, not a creed.


We are a community searching for truth, knowing that our questions may be more important than our answers. Our beliefs are not in lock-step. We are not bound together by a creed; ours is a covenantal relationship that values individual conscience. We value reason and the skeptical review of our ideas.



We take the Bible seriously, but not literally.


We like to take the Bible seriously, but not literally. For most of us, the Bible is a great source of inspiration, compassion and wisdom. Furthermore, it is the traditional record of how our predecessors saw their relationship to God. It is also our only record of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We also recognize that the Bible is a collage of conflicting, incomplete and sometimes erroneous answers that can be misused. For us, God also speaks through the creative expressions of humankind, through a variety of religious texts, through human reason, through the unfolding of the wonders of nature, and through the supportive and reconciling power of human relationships.


We see Jesus as a model of love, wisdom, compassion, wholeness and responsibility.


We see Jesus as a model of human wholeness and human responsibility. What “saves” us is following his example of Love, compassion, wisdom and responsibility. Christ remains resurrected as long as we live his example.


We believe that Christianity is one of many paths to God.


We seek to build bridges of understanding to other religions. We believe that Christianity is one of many paths to God. Many of our members would describe themselves as Christian Universalists.


We believe our mission as Christians is to improve people’s lives here and now.


While God provides what humankind needs to reach our full potential, Creation is unfinished. Just a short while ago, humans were a mere speck of life on this planet. Today we are the stewards of the Earth and life’s fate is in our hands; humanity is largely responsible for the Earth and the human condition. Said another way, we are individually and collectively partners with God in the ongoing creative process.


The mission of Christianity is more urgent and far more challenging than simply “saving souls” for the “next life.” Christianity, and indeed all religions, must become instruments of transformation in the creative process. Together, we seek to transcend evil, corrupted power, aimlessness, fear and ignorance. We must discover purpose and well-being for all persons. We must become better stewards of the creation. Christianity’s mission is a quest for human wholeness and responsibility now in this life. This journey toward wholeness is the legacy we pass on to future generations. Celebrate Life!