CUCC Covid Policy-Updated 5/12/22​

Members of the CUCC Coordinating Council are striving to follow the best science and recommendations of public health agencies for protecting the most vulnerable in our community. We now have many tools to prevent serious Covid. Vaccination, masking, increased ventilation, as well as readily available testing and treatment are now available in our community. At CUCC, we have added air filtration units and now that it is warmer, we can keep the doors open. Because of all these endeavors, we now believe it is time to make masking a recommendation, but not a requirement on Sunday mornings. We will continue to have any food and drink for Fellowship between services outside on the patio and we will use the TV on the stand to have the 10:30 service available on the patio. This makes our policy the same all days of the week. Each of us needs to assess our own risks. If you or any of your household are high risk, we encourage you to wear a high quality, well fitting mask. We continue to ask that everyone receive all available Covid vaccines. Finally, if you are feeling ill, please do not attend in person, but instead join us at

NOTE: These guidelines will be reviewed and updated at monthly meetings of the Coordinating Council.