CUCC Covid Policy-Updated 3/10/22​

Members of the CUCC Coordinating Council are striving to follow the best science, and recommendations of public health agencies, available for preventing COVID and protecting the most vulnerable in our community. Vaccination against COVID is a very important way to demonstrate how much we care for one another. Our staff have been vaccinated and have received their boosters. We ask that those who choose for whatever reason not to be vaccinated (assuming they are otherwise eligible) or remain up to date on boosters, attend the Zoom watch party or view the service on livestream. This is for the protection not only of themselves but of our elders and other vulnerable members. Masks are currently required inside the CUCC building on Sunday mornings. We ask that you wear a KN95 or similar more effective mask per CDC guidelines. CUCC has purchased KN95 masks that are available from the greeters at Sunday services. Wearing masks and social distancing are important since even the
fully vaccinated can transmit Omicron, although at lower rates than the unvaccinated. Finally, if you are feeling ill, please do not attend in person. During the rest of the week, masks are encouraged, but optional for groups of less than 20 people.

NOTE: These guidelines will be reviewed and updated at monthly meetings of the Coordinating Council.